30 Deep Yet Majestic Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas

Numerous critics and scholars consider “Landscape Painting” as the most astounding type of Chinese painting. Landscape painting had advanced into an autonomous painting genre that has epitomized the Chinese people to get away from their quotidian world to commune with nature and express it through their paintings. CHINESE LANDSCAPE PAINTING IDEAS is extremely well known and is related to refined insightful taste. The Chinese expression for “landscape” is comprised of two characters signifying “mountains and water.” Landscape painting convicts physiological, mental convictions of the artist. It’s the easiest and purest form of painting. In China, It is connected with the theory of Daoism, which underlines amiability with the common world.

There’s a famous expression in Chinese “woyou” which means laying down and wandering, the similar concept is applied to the landscape painting in China, where artists do not paint the real places, but imaginary landscape they’d like to visit or exist and paint. Which is why Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas are deep yet majestic. There’s a popular belief in China, where mountains are related to religion since they reach up towards the sky. Individuals in this manner trust that taking a gander at compositions of mountains is useful for the spirit. Here you also take small steps and learn everything you need to know about HOW TO USE WATERCOLOR PAINTING.

Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas

CHINESE LANDSCAPE PAINTING IDEAS viewed as an augmentation of calligraphy and utilization the same brushstrokes. The colors are limited and inconspicuous, the landscape paintings are normally made with ink on paper, with a little measure of watercolor. They are not encircled or coated but rather mounted on silk in various formats, for example, hanging scrolls, handscrolls, collection leaves and fan artistic creations.


The four basic treasured equipment of artists are known as “wenfangsibao” – paper, brush, ink, and inkstone. Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas is very unique and different than we use today, the ink cake is surfaced on the inkstone, water is dripped into the well and gathered water decides the depth of the paint,a brush is then dipped in this well, the depth of well decides the wetness and amount of colour brush carries. The concept is almost same as watercolor painting. Earlier, ink cakes were made from pinewood, oil, and glue, they were molded in the desired shape then dried in sun. inkstones made of ceramic, the most prized inkstone was made from Duan stone, Brushes were traditionally made from deer, goat, wolf or hare’s hair. These are the painting equipment used in the 17th century in Chinese Landscape Painting Ideas. 

Nature has always been a potent source of inspiration for all the scholars and artists, even back in 17th century and today. Chinese landscape paintings have become a means of inner peace and artist’s heart. The ancestors of Chinese men prefer to reside at home and devote themselves to reinterpret the styles of scholar painters, throughout their lifetime.

The earliest painting was made in the sixth century (206B.C.E-220C.E) made by the Han dynasty. During that time, Buddhism started spreading across China, the artist began to illustrate the story of their life and life of Buddha on Earth through painting. Since then to express the paradise of Earth, landscape painting originated. Simple paintings depicted life, for example, water depicted motion. Mountains were simple triangle depicting the presence of God. These famous paintings were created in ink on paper and then mounted on silk. Canvas, which we use today, came later in 19thcentury, earlier paintings were done on scrolls, leaves, and paper.
In the 17th century, painters illustrated various objects like rocks, birds and appreciated nature through their art.


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