Colorful Hoop Art is Infused with the Influence of Traditional-Style Tattoos

Inspired by tattoos, artist Natalie Sedgewick translates this influence into her embroidered hoop art. The eye-catching designs feature a smattering of subjects crafted in bold hues. They are reminiscent of traditional-style body art; one example is the way she stitches flowers. The blooms are similar to mandalas that have petals radiating from the center and leaves to offset them. Additionally, the wrap-around banners and serif typography are often found in traditional tattoos.

Although Natalie infuses her work with an old school tattoo aesthetic, there are elements of her hand embroidery you’d never find inked on the body—she incorporates beading and sequins for an extra bit of flair and dazzling texture.

Natalie shares her embroidery inspired by tattoos on Instagram.