Zhoujuan (a small fishing village near Shanghai)

About Artwork

Zhoujuan is a small fishing village near Shanghai. This work of embroidery art demonstrates life in old days in the region. Zhoujuan is like an oriental village Venice. This and A22 could be matched as a set, but each has the same Chinese embroidery quality which can be appreciated as a single work. The ramshackle houses lining the canal are faithfully recreated giving this architectural work, as well as being a work of the finest embroidery art. Altogether something add interest to any room or just hold as an investment.

Artist Profile

Chen Caiping was born in 1970 in Zhenhui, part of Suzhou city, the home of Suzhou Chinese silk embroidery. She is currently a practicing artist and a committee member of the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association and Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Association. Her work has established her as one of the world’s foremost Suzhou silk embroidery craftsmen still working to produce these traditional masterpieces.Notice before your purchase:Availability CheckWe attempt to make Chinese Fine Art Online as up-to-date as possible. However, we can not guarantee the availability of all of the artworks on Chinese Fine Art Online. Please contact us (via the Contact Us page or send mail to [email protected]) to confirm the availability with the artist before processing your payment.ReturnIf your artwork is found to have a material defect when received, please return the item in its original package within seven days for a refund. Please check the artwork immediately when received from the carrier and note the defeats on the carrier’s delivery note. Purchases cannot be returned simply to enhance viewing of the work on a contingent acceptance basis. Please contact Chinese Fine Art Online via the Contact Us page or send mail to [email protected] for any further queries.SizeThe size represented is the core size of the artworks. Matted size will be increased from 5.9” (15cms) to 9.8” (25cms) each side depending on the size of the artworks. You may contact us (via the Contact Us page or send mail to [email protected]) for your favorite matting size and color.FramingFraming is available but extra shipment costs will be borne by the customer. Please contact us to discuss your framing preference via the Contact Us page or send mail to [email protected] Because of transportation cost, we recommend that framing be done close to where the customer lives.ColorDue to photographic inaccuracy the color of the actual item supplied may differ slightly from the picture shown. In must of the cases, the actual artworks look better than the pictures, as the texture and vivid color cannot be entirely presented by pictures.

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